Cintruénigo is currently one of the last places where the Garnacha grape is grown nowadays in Navarra. We searched for a long time until we found the vineyard that interested us and eventually our search paid off. Our friend Ladislao Montiel told us that a relative of his had a beautiful old vineyard on a very good quality land and every word was true.



The vineyard is on a site called Los Portillos, where the cold north wind never rest and the grindstones like to pile up. It is the last vineyard in the Cintruénigo region in direction towards Tudela, and it gives birth to the SONROJO, the VOLANDERA and the CIENTRUENOS wines, all stamped with Navarra’s certificate of origin.

It is no easy feat to cultivate a vineyard without the use of modern machinery but that did not discouraged us and we decided to roll up our sleeves and get down to work. We farm in the traditional way, introducing minor improvements to get the quality we want. We prune the vine shoots by hand; our friend Santiago Peral thoroughly ploughs the land well into spring. We have a stringent viticulture so that diseases do not attack our vines. We do not use herbicides as from experience we know it will leave us esgarringlaos (dilapidated) during the following grape harvest.