Is nowadays one of the last redoubts of the Garnacha in Navarra and the Riverside. We searched far and wide until we found the vineyard we wanted. It was our friend Ladislao Montiel who told us that one of his relatives had an old and beautiful vinyeard situated on a very good plot of land. It was all true.



The vineyard was located in the spot called Los Portillos where the North wind blows unforgivingly and the tumbleweeds pile up.



It is the last one in the district of Cintruénigo, towards Tudela, and it gives birth to the Sonrojo, the Volandera and the Cientruenos), all stamped with Navarra’s guarantee of originality. As it is difficult to find someone to correctly gobet prune and without mechanization, we decided to roll up our sleeves and get down to business. We farm in the traditional way, introducing some improvements, in order to get the quality we desire. We prune the vine shoots by hand, our friend Santiago Peral ploughing the land well into the spring. We opt for a organic approach to vine-growing to avoid diseases attacking. We do not use herbicides, as it is proved by the tumbleweeds that leave us esgarringlaos (dilapidated) during the grape harvest.