Just as the Calandra lark, we nest in the stocks, a small and light nest.

This allows us to move from one vineyard to another. We now have nested in Cintruénigo, Murchante and Tierga (in the province of Navarra, North of Spain) but life tomorrow could take us somewhere else, somewhere where the Garnacha grows. That’s what we like, we also like to always look at the bright side of life showing good face to the bad weather, to turn the tortilla over, and not to give a cat for a hare, we wish to find the thorn for the split seam, the needle in the barn but to always do so sewing and singing.

Everything started in gym class: Luis threw the ball shooting it hard into Javier, where it landed in the worst part. Luis thought: “These metalheads are going to kill me” (when we were thirteen a mop of hair inspired quite a lot of respect!) But Luis was wrong and after the class they smoked their first cigarrette in the stairwell.

Some years later, they left the village. Javier went to study Fine Arts in Cuenca (Spain) and Luis Enology in Bordeaux (France). Many turns later, life and wine joined them back together to create LA CALANDRIA, a search for the Garnacha’s purity.

We think life is too short to drink bad wine, in fact we dislike it so much we decided to make our own wines, with them we make our mark.



And if you want to know more about LA CALANDRIA you should approach to POLIFENOLES and OLIGOR, Luis’ and Javier’s parallel projects respectively.




Almost 25 years together making songs with his friend Gorka.



The Hnos. Oligor’s world: a mechanical-romantic little theather that has travelled half around the globe with its sentimental terrorism.